How to Install or Reinstall Office through Microsoft HUP

Microsoft Office is a package of users software, server software, and services designed by Microsoft. It is a cloud-based subscription software that providing the best tools services for the way people work today. Its developed with some top-up-class apps like Excel, Outlook, powerpoint, access publisher with powerful cloud services like OneDrive and Microsoft Teams. Office 365 is based on creating and share anywhere of any device. This article is especially for those customers who want to purchase and install or reinstall the Office version on an offered or discounted price through their employer’s Microsoft HUP benefit.

Know About the Microsoft HUP Product key:-
The time of activation of office some organizations give a 10-digit software code provided by your benefit executive.
The Microsoft HUP product key is required to activate the Office after installation of it.
Procedure to Purchase and Installation or Reinstallation of Office Version through Microsoft HUP.
You can see the process of purchasing and install or reinstall Office 365, Office 2016, or Office 2013 on your system.

Steps to Purchase of Office:-
Enter your verified email address “On microsofthup.com” and select your suitable country option.
Now you will be prompted for a program key code, enter the software key code which one you receive with your purchased office by “Microsoft HUP”.
you will get an email from your registered email address send by Microsoft HUP.
Open your received email, click on the “Confirm your account” button.
Now, you will get a list of office versions to select a preferable version to install on your system.
Now, click “Add to Cart” option to install your selected office version.
After clicking on that option, go to your Shopping Cart and select “Checkout” option.
Now, you will get a billing Information page, fill all billing and payment details, and then click on Confirm your order.
After the confirmation of office order, select Complete purchase.
click on the checkbox to confirm the terms and conditions, and then select Next.
A pop-up window will show on your system screen to send an email to your private email address with a link to Office installation at
Type your personal email address and click on send option.
Suggestion- This is a secure way to save the installation link for future use on your personal email id.

You will see a Thank you! page for your purchased Office products.
Now, proceed to their product keys, and Install buttons for each product.
If you install the office version on your computer then select Install 32-bit of Office.
You need to note down on your product key or send it to your personal email address because you’ll require it to office activation.
Steps to Install Office:-
Go to the install pop up folder, open it now, select RUN to start the Office installation process, The installation has started.
Now, you see the phrase, “You’re all set! The office is installed now” when your installation has finished.
An animation plays to find that where you get the saved Office applications on your computer.
Now, Open any Office app such as Word or Excel to check it.
Now, you will get a screen to enter your Microsoft HUP provided key code.
Now, accept the all terms and conditions by selecting Accept and start Word.
Now, you will see the Microsoft Office Activation Wizard, follow the on-screen instruction to activate Office.
Steps to Re-install MS Office:-
Visit on “microsofthup.com”.
Choose the Order History link, placed in the upper right-hand corner of the page.
Now, Enter the registered email address that you used for purchase Office.
It will send an email to yourself to select a link to your order history.
Go to your received office linked mail, click the link to get your order history.
You will see the”Order History web” page, select your office order number and click on install button for the reinstallation of office.
Wait until, the process has done, enter your product key and activate your office program.
If you face any issue with the process of installation or reinstallation of office version, then you can take support with the expert office technicians. They will give the best solution for your any type of office related issues or error. You can connect with them by placing a call on the Office toll-free number. So call anytime on office provided customer helpline number to give a certified technicians service. Get more details by visiting:

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