Why is Microsoft Office 365 Proving to be a Productive Suite of Programs for Everyone?

MS Office 365 is the perfect blend of office productivity and premium services offered by Microsoft. It offers cloud-based services and is available for home and work alike. It offers additional features for the Business versions, like social networking opportunities and business email services. Microsoft Office 365 is one of the most Productive Program Suites. If you wish to purchase Office 365, visit Office.com/setup365. Here is why Office 365 is productive:

1- Access it anytime, anywhere

Since Microsoft Office 365 is cloud-based, it is available in your web browser anywhere provided that you have an internet connection. The corporate drive, software like Word, PowerPoint, Excel, Access, etc, and the applications are available for all the devices. The users can access the suite 24/7 from across the globe. The employees do not need to be in their office or on a specific computer to do the work.

Moreover, Office 365 packages let the user install the complete offline versions of Microsoft Office programs like Word, Excel, and PowerPoint. Therefore, even if the person does not have access to the internet, they can still load the program and complete their work as usual. After connecting to the internet, all of the edits, alternations, and changes made to the document are synced.

This feature benefits people who work remotely. It enables them to continue the work as if they are sitting in the office. Therefore if there is a need for collaboration or a conference, the remote workers will be able to continue their tasks normally.

2- Real-Time Co-authoring

Real-time Co-authoring feature allows teams to collaborate on Microsoft Excel, Word, and PowerPoint. The collaborators can see edits, additions, or changes made by the other collaborators in real time. Moreover, each edit and change is saved automatically and the collaborator can easily revert to the older versions. This feature makes it easy and convenient to share documents with other sections, departments, teams, business partners, and clients. Attaching large sized files to emails is no longer needed. One can just copy the URL and send it to the recipient and then they can access the documents in real time.

This feature makes it quicker and simpler to collaborate with employees, co-workers, and departments. Therefore, this feature increases and improves the efficiency and productivity of the business. It saves a lot of time because collaborators do not have to go back and forth with each other for asking advice and opinions, sending changes for approval, etc. Two or more employees can work together simultaneously on the same document.

3- Team Chat Application: Yammer

Yammer is a team chat application tool for Microsoft Office 365. This integrates communication application is like Facebook for the business. It is used to communicate with the business organization. It is an amazing alternative to emails since one can make groups which are department-centric. This makes communicating within the organization more systematic, orderly, and organized.

This feature of Office 365 makes communication easier and better. IT also helps in improving the company culture and engagement of employees.

Source URL:  http://office-account.com/office-365-proving-productive-suite-of-programs/

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