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Top 5 Best Advantages of Microsoft Office Publisher

Microsoft Publisher or Microsoft Office Publisher is a desktop publishing software developed by Microsoft and it is a part of the Microsoft Office suite. MS publisher is an entry-level program that permits their users to place importance on layout, pictures, and effects. It helps in creating the promotion or marketing material professionally without appointing a professional in the company. By using Microsoft publisher even user didn’t need graphic design experience. It can automatically need graphicality results for your email newsletters, regular newsletters, greeting cards, postcards, brochures and many more.

We are discussing some of the best advantages of Microsoft Office Publisher. The MS Publisher make your work easy by saving time and efforts it is best suitable for offices and business owners. The advantages are given below-

  • Customizable
  • Insertions
  • Flow
  • Task Feature
  • Faster

Some of the best advantages are described below-

1- Customizable

One of the advantage of MS Office Publisher is customization by using Design Tools. The ready-made templates is available on MS Publisher software, so that you can easily customized according to your style and taste. And with the help of Design Checker, you can verify your work easily before sending it to other person, and it will aware you of any possible problems by just one click of the button. If you are not satisfied or impressed with the templates, then you might access the Office Online and choose from a wide range of templates available in the MS Office Publisher.

2- Insertions

To select a Publisher template or created a new publication it entirely the choice of the users, but the process of customizing publication is done by just clicking on the “Insert” tab. Publisher are available with a set of stock art which is available by clicking the “Clip Art” button. The user can also add their own images by clicking on the “Picture” button. It is a perfect way to personalize a Publisher template to the clients or customers.

3- Flow

Publisher templates are generally set up to auto-flow which means that text too large for one column will flow into the next column. The users who created their own publications might set up auto-flow from the “Text Box Tools” which can be opened  when you add text boxes on the Publisher. For add text boxes, click on  the “Create Link” button. Auto-flow is working perfectly when you are copying and pasting some large blocks of text.

4- Task Feature

The best advantages of this application is that new users can directly by using its MS Office Publisher Task features. It helps you by giving you some tips with all characteristics of your publications from personalization to preparing your market base it can also help you in doing technical tasks including working with images and reusing content. Managing your marketing campaign is a easy as well simple because of the combination of the MS Office Publisher with the MS Office Outlook.

5- Faster

Last but not the least advantageous feature of the Publisher is that it can help you in saving your time. Regularly used texts and photos are stock up in the content library so that it’s easy to use them again in different publications that will be created by you in the future. Sharing feature is also included in the Publisher application, and it make work easy by converting files to PDF and XML without using third-party tools.

If you want to purchase the Microsoft Office Suite, then visit after buying the software you need to download, install and activate the Microsoft Office. If you need any technical support in downloading, installing, and activating the software then dial the toll-free number of Microsoft customer support or for more info visit

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