Microsoft Launches Surface Hub 2 in 2019

Microsoft is announced to launch the surface hub 2 in the upcoming year. The Microsoft Corporation doesn’t disclose any price and specifications or features. But it will be available for everyone in the year 2019. Some of the specified and selected customer of the Microsoft will test the Surface Hub 2 at the starting of this year.

The Surface Hub was a passionate exclusive digital whiteboard that can handle everything from the video conferences to the document collaboration.

Microsoft said that “there are more than 5,000 companies, who are using Surface Hubs and it includes half of the Fortune 100 companies.

It is very uncertain if every company has bought one Surface Hub or multiple numbers. But it looks like there was a sufficient interest to work on a second version of the surface hub 2. But it still has a huge touchscreen-enabled display. The Surface Hub 2 will run on Windows 10 and always supports the Surface Pen.

When we compared to the previous version of the Surface Hub 2, then the Microsoft has significantly diminished the bezels of the software. Now, the Surface Hub 2 looks like a modern TV, but the aspect ratio is still 3:2. Amazingly, the now video camera is disappeared from the main device. In the latest version, you only need to plug a webcam over the display to start video conferences.

And one of the most fascinating and best parts is the concept of the video. Now the device will appear with fluid use cases options. You can clasp it to a wall, or put it on a rolling case, and also create a wall of Surface Hubs.

Some Users of Surface Hub 2 will log in by placing their finger on the fingerprint sensor. By this method, you will be able to find all your documents, files and data and accept all calls from your account.

When it comes to computers, Microsoft was trying to shove the spike. It is an original of form factors that can be fitted well on your company’s workflow. It is really interesting to spot that the company is still not standing. The Mac has not considerably developed, while Microsoft has still had some bold and best ideas to share with their customers around the world.

Jack Tuker, author of this article loves to research and write about the new products and errors in Microsoft products like Office.com/setup, MS Outlook etc. His articles always remain valuable for the PC users and can help them in different aspects by providing general troubleshooting.

Source URL: http://office-account.com/microsoft-launches-surface-hub-2-in-2019/

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