New Release of Microsoft- Morph Transition Feature for PowerPoint

No doubt, Microsoft always try to offer amazing new features among the users. Recently, Microsoft released two new features that will help you to create more attractive and beautiful presentations in your PowerPoint. Two new amazing ability has been added in the PowerPoint, that is:-

1- Designer

2- Morph

The former lets you add designs to your slide whereas the latter lets you create fluid video-like slide transitions. So, now let’s discuss on how you can use this Morph transition feature in your PowerPoint 2016.

Importance of Morph Transition Feature:-
The PowerPoint can allow you for animated movement from one slide to the other quickly. You will be able to use this feature in slides to create the animation-type appearance in an excellent collection of things such as- shapes, text, SmartArt, charts, WordArt, and picture.

Use of the Morph Transition Feature in PowerPoint:-
To use this feature, you will need two slides with at least one object in common.
To do this quickly, you can do the duplicate the slide and then move the object on another slide to a different place.
In a second way, copy and paste the object from one slide and add it to the next slide. After that, you can apply the Morph transition to the second slide.
Initially, you will not find the ‘Morph’ transition in the ribbon menu slide, and the feature comes with clearly visible which is located at the under of ‘Ribbon’ menu.
To see the feature changes, you need to follow below path:
Go to the left side of the Thumbnail pane and click on the slide that you wish to apply for the transition.
Please note- It should be the other slide to that you just added the object, picture to enable the morph transition.

After doing this, you have to move to the ‘Transitions’ tab, search for Morph option and then select it.
Then, select the Transitions and from the ‘Effect Options’ drop-down menu and then select the object for that you’d like the Morph transition to perform.
At last, you need to click on the Preview to see the Morph transition changes.
You have done the process to use Morph transition feature.
We hope that this process will help to use Microsoft latest feature efficiently.
Source URL: https://office-account.com/microsoft-morph-transition-feature-for-powerpoint/

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