How to Block a Website on Windows 10 Using URL Blocker?

If you want to block any website, then you are a right place. However, there are many methods to block a website on your Windows computer and browser extension, and it is a popular way that is used by many people across the globe. You can use the Hosts File, Restricted Zone in Internet Option, IE Content Advisor, a browser extension or add-on. Alongside, you can also use the one more amazing tool that is called URL Blocker. It has a good ability to block any site from any browser.

Sometimes, it is also possible that your child wants to use your computer system for any reason– but you do not want that they to access some websites. So now block any unwanted or uninvited websites on your Windows computer system.

A process to block a website on Windows 10:-
URL Blocker is a portable app for Windows users., you can use it efficiently. The main advantages of this app are that you do not need to use any step to get it done. URL Blocker is a simple and useful app, which is meant to do only one thing with its elegant interface. Besides this, this utility tool uses Windows Host File in order to block any website.

How to use this tool?
If you want to use this tool, then you need to follow below-given steps. Please don’t skip any steps to save your time and efforts. The given process will guide you how you can block uninvited website carefully.

First of all, you need to download URL Blocker app to your computer system and then open it.
Then you need to enter the URL in the empty lower box and then click on the Add button.
You have to make sure it should be added in the empty upper box.
When you have entered all of the sites that you want to block after that, you need to click on the Apply button.
Then you need to log off your computer system and then sign in again to see the changes whatever you have done.
After complete this, if you will go to that website, your browser will display an error message on your computer screen.
If you are using multiple computer systems, and you want to block those websites on all of your computers, then you can export the list that you want to prevent.
To do this. You need to click on the Export button.
It will create a.Blocker file that you need to import on your another computer system.
Then restart your computer system and check if the website shows again.
We hope that this amazing tool will help you to block any unwanted website to your browser. If you would like to use it, you can download URL Blocker from its official website.
Source URL: https://office-account.com/block-a-website-on-windows-10-using-url-blocker/

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