New Facebook Bug Unblocked Users From Over 800K Block List

Recently, Facebook has declared that it is notifying more than 800,000 are affected users after a bug temporarily reset specific account privacy settings.

The social media giant said that the bug allowed users who had been already blocked on Facebook and Messenger both applications to become unblocked.

In a statement, the company said that the bug was live for about a week, it can happen between May 29 and June 5.

Erin Egan, Chief Privacy Officer at Facebook, explained that while someone who was not blocked is not able to see the content shared with friends, they can be seen only the things posted to a broader audience like that pictures that they have shared with friends of friends.

They know very well that the ability to block someone is essential — and they would like to apologize and explain what happened.

Egan added that if you have “block” someone on your Facebook account, they will not see all of the things that you have posted on your Facebook profile, start conversations with you on Messenger or add you as a friend. If you were already friends that blocking also automatically unfriends them on your profile.

Egan further explained that in the case of this bug, it could not be remake any connections that had been already unfriended on their friend list.

Although someone was unblocked facebook on your profile, then you are able to contact someone who had already blocked them from your Messenger.

As per the report of Facebook, a number of users are affected (83 percent) only one person they had blocked not permanent unblocked.

The company said that the issue has since been solved now that the affected users will get a Facebook notification which will encourage them to check their blocking settings or confirm that about blocking.

No doubt, many reasons because of that people want to block another person on their Facebook account. Likewise, if their relationship has been changed or they may want to make a distance from someone posting content they are getting irritated.

The company said that alongside some of the reasons are more serious such as- oppression or bullying.

At the last month, the Menlo Park-based firm accepted another software bug that automatically set some of the posts to “public,” regardless of their privacy settings.

In may, this flaw has affected upwards of 14 million users over the course of several days.
Source URL: https://office-account.com/facebook-bug-unblocked-users-from-over-800k-block-list/

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