Apple App Store Turns 10, Shares Major Milestones

Today in a report, Apple has been revealed several new numbers, celebrating the Apple App Store’s 10th anniversary, which is on Friday, 10th July, and also including some new details about the subscription application.

The CareKit and ResearchKit, it’s an Apple’s software tools for the doctors and medical researchers, which are getting used in the clinical trials in some conditions which include physical therapy, Parkinson’s disease, and also autism. The report explained that over 500 doctors and scientists had used the tools and almost 3 million peoples have participated in such trials.

Now, we know that the above 28,000 iOS application provides subscriptions and users have also subscribed for almost 95 percent more subscriptions than they did last year. When they are naming top subscription applications, then the Apple strangely placed Netflix and the Chinese competitor iQIYI on the list which could be indicating for which market it values.

However, the Apple also changed the gaming and apps with are available in the in-app purchase and allowing users to unlock various functions and also try the application before purchasing it. It will also increase to subscription apps in the year 2011, and as now, 28,000 applications offer the subscription options.

The iPad was launched in the year 2010, besides with the apps designed and developed for the larger screen. Though, there is a total of 1.3 million application which is created only for the iPad, variety from Lightroom and the Microsoft Office 365 to Procreate. Procreate, founder James Cuda said that the digital art creation application would not be possible without using the App Store.

The ARKit and amplified reality application came in the year 2017, and it is also turning iOS into the biggest AR platform around the world. However, there are approximately 3,000 AR applications available on the App Store, and still, the improvements will come in iOS 12, like persistent experiences and multi-person support. It will guide to better AR apps.
Source URL: https://office-account.com/apple-app-store-turns-10-shares-major-milestones/

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