How To Remove Shortcut Virus From Your Windows PC?

If you have inserted a pen drive or a memory card and discovered that certain files have been replaced with shortcuts, then in most probability your external device has been compromised by a virus. Fortunately, all the files will be in the flash drive, but some of them will be hidden. The infected data can be easily recovered. You can remove the virus from the device by following some steps.

How to fix the infected drive and recover files?
Firstly, you need to inject the infected pen drive to the PC. If the stuff present in the pen drive has been replaced with shortcuts, then it means that the data is still present, but it is hidden. You need to follow a process to get back the hidden data.
After inserting the pen drive, make sure that you do not apply any shortcuts as it can spread the virus on your system.
Now you need to identify the drive letter of the infected USB drive. You must know the drive letter for the infected SD card or pen drive to proceed to the next step. The best method to get to view the drive letter is by going to Computer.
After that, launch the Command Prompt. With the Command Prompt, you will be able to fix your infected drive. Here is how you can launch the Command Prompt:
For all windows Versions- Hit the Windows and R keys simultaneously. Write the following text in the box: cmd. Wait for the Command Prompt to launch.
Windows 8/8.1/10 – Right-click on Windows and click on Command Prompt.
Windows 7, Vista, and XP – Go to Start and click on Command Prompt.
Enter the following command: attrib -h -r -s /s /d z:\*.*. Instead of z, type the drive letter.
Doing so will make all the data visible by disabling read-only attribute, and it will also get rid of the shortcuts.
The time taken for this procedure to finish will depend on the size of data contained in the pen drive or memory card.
Now, you need to go to the new folder which is present in the pen drive or memory card. The new folder will have all the files which were earlier inaccessible.
Just move the recovered files to a secure location in the PC.
Now, go to Computer and right-click on the drive.
Click on Format from the drop-down list.
Now the Format window will launch.
By formatting, all the data from the pen drive or memory card will be erased. Therefore, you need to transfer the data to another place.
In the Format window, click on the box next to Quick Format below Format options and unselect it.
After that, click on the Start button.
Now the Quick format will start scanning and will eliminate the virus present in the drive.
Wait for the formatting to finish.
We hope that the above-mentioned process will help you get rid of the shortcut virus.
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