Microsoft Aspires To Win Back Lost Consumers

In the recent years, tech giant Microsoft has focused more on the enterprise. Even though it has produced products such as Azure and similar services into growing companies, customer-focused efforts such as Groove Music service, Kinect, Microsoft Fitness Band service, and Windows Phone have failed to continue.

Microsoft basically accepted its disregard of the customer market at the Microsoft’s Inspire partner show. Yusuf Mehdi, the corporate VP of the Modern Life and Devices group of Microsoft, opened a closed presentation on Modern Life Initiative. He posted a tweet during the conference. The tweet said that they start the drive to get back customers with their vision.

Whether the company can win back, customers depend, substantially, on whether it is redefining the issue, or whether it intends to uphold its word with substantive outputs.

The growth of the “professional customer” or prosumers
In all fairness, Microsoft sustains a large customer business across the Xbox home video game console, recording more than $2.2 billion in revenue for the previous quarter. Besides this, though, a majority of Microsoft’s “customer business” depends massively on no clear division between the business professional and the consumer, as well as the comfort with which people can navigate between the two environments.

One can observe proof of this duplexity within the services offered by the company. On one side, it extends companies services to regulate the movement of classified business data outside of the business firewall. On the contrary, a range of intelligent “nudges” in MS Outlook is created to tell work junkies that their co-workers wish to have a private life apart from work. Nobody can genuinely assume that Outlook is a consumer good.

Surface, however, is trying to sort this polarity problem. It is created for both homes as well as work use. The Surface Go depicts the convergence of the enterprise user and the consumer, but it does not fulfill the clear-cut requirements of both.

Modern Life Services
Microsoft needs to work hard to try to sell its products as consumer products. Mehdi said that “Your Phone” application and Cortana is how the company shall start readdressing consumers. Your Phone, which is an application for connecting a smartphone to a computer to share files, looks like a feeble effort to duplicate a characteristic that practically all manufacturers already render in one way or the other.

On the contrary, Cortana is a genuine consumer service. The problem is that there is insufficient proof that the bulk of Microsoft consumers have embraced it. Two years ago, the company revealed that Cortana had answered six billion queries since it was released for Windows 10—but it undoubtedly was not apparent the number of customers that signified or the regularity with which they used Cortana.

How can the company convince the customers?
Microsoft still preserves an inchmeal customer services, with films, shows, and books present in the Microsoft app store. Xbox is one of the most popular gaming consoles in the world.
Source URL: https://office-account.com/microsoft-aspires-to-win-back-lost-consumers/

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