Microsoft Aspires To Win Back Lost Consumers

In the recent years, tech giant Microsoft has focused more on the enterprise. Even though it has produced products such as Azure and similar services into growing companies, customer-focused efforts such as Groove Music service, Kinect, Microsoft Fitness Band service, and Windows Phone have failed to continue.

Microsoft basically accepted its disregard of the customer market at the Microsoft’s Inspire partner show. Yusuf Mehdi, the corporate VP of the Modern Life and Devices group of Microsoft, opened a closed presentation on Modern Life Initiative. He posted a tweet during the conference. The tweet said that they start the drive to get back customers with their vision.

Whether the company can win back, customers depend, substantially, on whether it is redefining the issue, or whether it intends to uphold its word with substantive outputs.

The growth of the “professional customer” or prosumers
In all fairness, Microsoft sustains a large customer business across the Xbox home video game console, recording more than $2.2 billion in revenue for the previous quarter. Besides this, though, a majority of Microsoft’s “customer business” depends massively on no clear division between the business professional and the consumer, as well as the comfort with which people can navigate between the two environments.

One can observe proof of this duplexity within the services offered by the company. On one side, it extends companies services to regulate the movement of classified business data outside of the business firewall. On the contrary, a range of intelligent “nudges” in MS Outlook is created to tell work junkies that their co-workers wish to have a private life apart from work. Nobody can genuinely assume that Outlook is a consumer good.

Surface, however, is trying to sort this polarity problem. It is created for both homes as well as work use. The Surface Go depicts the convergence of the enterprise user and the consumer, but it does not fulfill the clear-cut requirements of both.

Modern Life Services
Microsoft needs to work hard to try to sell its products as consumer products. Mehdi said that “Your Phone” application and Cortana is how the company shall start readdressing consumers. Your Phone, which is an application for connecting a smartphone to a computer to share files, looks like a feeble effort to duplicate a characteristic that practically all manufacturers already render in one way or the other.

On the contrary, Cortana is a genuine consumer service. The problem is that there is insufficient proof that the bulk of Microsoft consumers have embraced it. Two years ago, the company revealed that Cortana had answered six billion queries since it was released for Windows 10—but it undoubtedly was not apparent the number of customers that signified or the regularity with which they used Cortana.

How can the company convince the customers?
Microsoft still preserves an inchmeal customer services, with films, shows, and books present in the Microsoft app store. Xbox is one of the most popular gaming consoles in the world.
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Microsoft Launched Skype New ‘Classic’ Version For Desktop

On Monday, Microsoft launched a new version of Skype for desktop and also said that it would be the end support for the Classic version on September 1.

However, the dubbed version 8.0 is the updated edition of the groundbreaking video-and-voice platform which includes some new features, such as free HD video and group calls that can provide accommodation as many as 24 people. And the new version will also include message reactions; @mentions for the individual notifications in a group chat; and a chat media gallery; and photo & video file sharing feature.

Microsoft said that the latest version is more reliable and has also had faster load times. And the users can easily upgrade for free.

Although the software giant has also started to roll out some other new Skype features and it will continue to do over the summers. The company will also include the Skype version 8.0 on the iPad; it’s a feature which allows you to see who is reading your messages, encrypted audio calls and also text messages and call recording among some other features of the Skype new features.
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How To Remove Shortcut Virus From Your Windows PC?

If you have inserted a pen drive or a memory card and discovered that certain files have been replaced with shortcuts, then in most probability your external device has been compromised by a virus. Fortunately, all the files will be in the flash drive, but some of them will be hidden. The infected data can be easily recovered. You can remove the virus from the device by following some steps.

How to fix the infected drive and recover files?
Firstly, you need to inject the infected pen drive to the PC. If the stuff present in the pen drive has been replaced with shortcuts, then it means that the data is still present, but it is hidden. You need to follow a process to get back the hidden data.
After inserting the pen drive, make sure that you do not apply any shortcuts as it can spread the virus on your system.
Now you need to identify the drive letter of the infected USB drive. You must know the drive letter for the infected SD card or pen drive to proceed to the next step. The best method to get to view the drive letter is by going to Computer.
After that, launch the Command Prompt. With the Command Prompt, you will be able to fix your infected drive. Here is how you can launch the Command Prompt:
For all windows Versions- Hit the Windows and R keys simultaneously. Write the following text in the box: cmd. Wait for the Command Prompt to launch.
Windows 8/8.1/10 – Right-click on Windows and click on Command Prompt.
Windows 7, Vista, and XP – Go to Start and click on Command Prompt.
Enter the following command: attrib -h -r -s /s /d z:\*.*. Instead of z, type the drive letter.
Doing so will make all the data visible by disabling read-only attribute, and it will also get rid of the shortcuts.
The time taken for this procedure to finish will depend on the size of data contained in the pen drive or memory card.
Now, you need to go to the new folder which is present in the pen drive or memory card. The new folder will have all the files which were earlier inaccessible.
Just move the recovered files to a secure location in the PC.
Now, go to Computer and right-click on the drive.
Click on Format from the drop-down list.
Now the Format window will launch.
By formatting, all the data from the pen drive or memory card will be erased. Therefore, you need to transfer the data to another place.
In the Format window, click on the box next to Quick Format below Format options and unselect it.
After that, click on the Start button.
Now the Quick format will start scanning and will eliminate the virus present in the drive.
Wait for the formatting to finish.
We hope that the above-mentioned process will help you get rid of the shortcut virus.
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How to Download and See a Copy of Cortana Data in Windows 10?

Our lives are made more comfortable with tech services and digital components. The company which offers the service collects lots of information about you. For example, whatever you say to Cortana or Alexa is automatically recorded and saved on the company servers. Facebook and Google have recorded all your searches. The reason behind this is so that the service will improve and provide the best responses and anticipate your requirement. But at the same time, it creates the privacy and security issues for you as a user.

The big companies are offering an impressive way to download and delete storage data from your servers. Below, you will show how to remove voice recording from Alexa, Google Assistant, Cortana, and Siri.

Steps to download Cortana Data from Microsoft
To start, follow the path: Settings > Cortana > permissions and History.
Click on the “Change what knows about me in the cloud” link.
When Cortana opened, scroll down a little and then click on the “Get my info” button.
It will send a request message which you want to copy of your file.
You will receive an email that says your data request has been accepted.
When your information is prepared, a second message you will receive to confirm the address is connected to your Microsoft account.
Open the received email, and you will see a link that says “Download it here” click on it.
This link will connect you Microsoft’s page directly to provide its CortanaExport tool.
It will allow you to collect backup your data.
Click on the “yes,” a zip file will open.
This zip file will download your data.
Save this data and secure the location.
Open the zip folder, and you will get some text files in JSON format here.
These say you are able to open the text file in Notepad
Please note- This format is not very friendly to use. To decipher your data, you can use the JSON viewer. You can go to or the JSON Formatter from Bing to get comfortable to use online option.

If you an advanced use and want to get strong security, then you can use the free app Notepadd++ utility or perhaps import it into Excel.

Hopefully, this post will help you to download and see a copy of Cortana data in Windows 10.

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Apple App Store Turns 10, Shares Major Milestones

Today in a report, Apple has been revealed several new numbers, celebrating the Apple App Store’s 10th anniversary, which is on Friday, 10th July, and also including some new details about the subscription application.

The CareKit and ResearchKit, it’s an Apple’s software tools for the doctors and medical researchers, which are getting used in the clinical trials in some conditions which include physical therapy, Parkinson’s disease, and also autism. The report explained that over 500 doctors and scientists had used the tools and almost 3 million peoples have participated in such trials.

Now, we know that the above 28,000 iOS application provides subscriptions and users have also subscribed for almost 95 percent more subscriptions than they did last year. When they are naming top subscription applications, then the Apple strangely placed Netflix and the Chinese competitor iQIYI on the list which could be indicating for which market it values.

However, the Apple also changed the gaming and apps with are available in the in-app purchase and allowing users to unlock various functions and also try the application before purchasing it. It will also increase to subscription apps in the year 2011, and as now, 28,000 applications offer the subscription options.

The iPad was launched in the year 2010, besides with the apps designed and developed for the larger screen. Though, there is a total of 1.3 million application which is created only for the iPad, variety from Lightroom and the Microsoft Office 365 to Procreate. Procreate, founder James Cuda said that the digital art creation application would not be possible without using the App Store.

The ARKit and amplified reality application came in the year 2017, and it is also turning iOS into the biggest AR platform around the world. However, there are approximately 3,000 AR applications available on the App Store, and still, the improvements will come in iOS 12, like persistent experiences and multi-person support. It will guide to better AR apps.
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